Aspen OG Cannabis Strain



Aspen OG Cannabis Strain

Aspen OG Cannabis Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Aspen OG Cannabis Strain High

The high from Aspen OG comes in waves. It begins as a fast-acting head high, causing users to feel a distinct pressure around the eyes and temples. Stimulated cerebral activity follows soon after, sharpening senses and making thoughts race. Smokers may detect a psychedelic edge to this altered perception — phenomena like visual distortions and a powerful sense of time dilation are common.

These initially energetic effects can be great for accomplishing tasks from the mundane to the creative. After a while, a heavy body stone creeps in, releasing physical tension and slowing down any overstimulated thinking. While users may feel very relaxed and happy to remain in one place, they won’t necessarily be couchlocked. Although it can be consumed at almost any time of day, Aspen OG is not recommended for use just before bedtime, as its sativa edge may keep users alert and awake. This may not be the most powerful choice for cannabis veterans with a high tolerance for THC, but it can be just the thing for newcomers or casual smokers.



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