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Buy Raspberry Cough Strain

Buy Raspberry Cough Strain

THC levels of Raspberry Cough can vary dramatically depending on the growing conditions, so anywhere from 15% to 24% is considered normal. A 70/30 blend, users will experience a bud that’s tasty and smells great, despite possessing a cough-inducing smoke for some. Nugs of Raspberry Cough are small and round, with minimal pistils and a coating of light amber trichomes. Scents of sweet berry and an earthy nuttiness will hit your nose right away. As well as much of the same palette is carried over when taking a hit. Add a little bit of a spiciness to its flavor profile and you’ll be tasting a delicious strain.

It provides an instant cerebral high that brings mental clarity, focus, and motivation. Perfect for a long day at the office or to get psyched up to clean the house. Also great for early morning use or any time you need a midday pick me up. Along with this new sense of productivity, you’ll also find your mood has been lifted and stress simply melts away. As the high continues, you may feel a warming sensation throughout your body, which adds to a feeling of relaxation while still being completely functional.

Buy Raspberry Cough Strain  Effects

Great for those who struggle with depression or fatigue, as it provides a burst of happy energy from the moment you take a hit. Its relaxing effects also work well for those who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, and even asthma. If you’re looking for effective medicinal relief without being glued to the couch, Raspberry Cough will do you right.

As if it wasn’t already an amazing strain, Raspberry Cough is super easy to grow at home. It’s ideal for first-time cultivators and will flourish outside or inside. Plants can get pretty tall if left to their own devices, some topping 10 feet. So it’s best to keep them in check if you’re concerned about privacy. Possessing a pungent odor and a favorable yield, this strain tends to flower between 9 and 11 weeks.

If you have a huge project looming over your head, you need to do a ton of stuff around the house, or you’re having a low day and need a mood booster, Raspberry Cough will meet all of your needs and more. Those who appreciate a sweet and complex bud will love the way it tastes, and you’ll probably have one of the best days you’ve had in a long time.


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