Golden Goat


Creative, Energetic, Paranoia, Focused & Dizziness


Golden Goat Strain

Golden Goat Strain  has 1% of pain-relieving CBD in its genes. Also has a THC composition that averages about 16% but can test as high as 23%.

It has a high that creeps up gradually instead of hitting users right away.

Although relaxing, the body stone from Golden Goat isn’t so heavy that it will induce couchlock. Smokers can still be as mobile as they’d like, making this a great strain for daytime or nighttime use. This Strain has some medical benefits as well, conferred by small amounts of the cannabinoid CBD as well as by the sedative indica effects. The simultaneous feelings of emotional uplift and physical relaxation can be helpful in regulating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, or even PTSD. Its mildly painkilling effects can also be useful for relieving chronic aches and pains.

Finally, if consumed in large enough doses, Golden Goat can provide the full sedative effects necessary to put users into a restful sleep, thus tempering the difficult symptoms of insomnia. Although its high tends to be shorter than average, lasting between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Golden Goat’s high THC content may lead some to moderate their dosage — a little bit can go a long way.


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