Green Crack Shatter



Green Crack Shatter

Green Crack Shatter – made from high quality Green Crack cannabis. Despite the name Green Crack, the shatter comes from nothing but pure sweet sativa buds. Also known for providing invigorating effects, increasing creativity and for providing substantial relief from stress, depression, and fatigue. Green Crack Shatter can be enjoyed however you prefer to dab, whether it be in a rig, dab pen or mixed with your ganja wrapped around a joint. The Sativa dominant concentrate boasts a high THC content and produces a thick, clean and smooth smoke. Members in search of long lasting, true sativa effects, look no further! This hard hitting shatter may be the perfect choice for you! Recommended to relieve symptoms of Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

A main benefit of dabbing shatter is that it offers an incredibly fast method for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream. Thus offering near instantaneous effects. Due to the increased potency of cannabis extracts, users are also able to take on a “less is more” approach in using their cannabis.

Dabbing shatter means you no longer need to inhale large amounts of burning plant material to get the effects you want. That is a good thing. Rather than smoking entire joints and exposing your lungs to harmful chemicals in the smoke, consumers can dab once or twice to get their cannabinoids, inhaling only vapor – not smoke.


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