Green Dragon Vape Cartridge



Green Dragon Vape Cartridge

Green Dragon Vape Cartridge is a cross of two indicas. Afghani and Turkish Gummy. Green Dragon oil is commonly for pain management. Hence providing a lift often describe as colorful.

The green dragon vape cannabis oils are source from outdoor, organically grown cannabis. Ane xtraction process using a solvent-free C02 process. These cartridges  are lab test for Cannabinoid content, and certify free of mold, pesticides as well as bacteria.

Green Dragon Extracts works exclusively with local growers and selects only the most unique cannabis strains for refinement ensuring a full-spectrum, terpene rich premium oil. Using its solventless C02 Cultivar Preserving Extraction process, Green Dragon Chemists are able to extract cannabinoids while preserving heat-sensitive terpenes, thus retaining the full cannabis essence in a smooth refined oil.


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