Moroccan Hash



Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Hash

Real Moroccan Hash is the pride and joy for any serious connoisseur. THCReefer is proud to offer Hash straight from Morocco! This stuff is hard to find and well worth the price when you do.

There’s no shortage of selection online for hash heads, but the real stuff is undeniably better than an hash or extract or concentrate made in Canada. Hash is great, and in many ways stronger than this, but the body high this hash gives is second to none.

Smell/taste: lightly aromatic, not really spicy. Mild taste, not harsh on the throat

Effects: Active high, clear headed and cerebral.

Even if you don’t normally smoke hash, you should buy this now. All clients and staff who have tested it can vouch for it’s quality.

Morocco is the Hash capital of North Africa and is said to produce the finest Hash in the world.

New York does pizza, Vancouver does sushi, Morocco does Hash.

The short-term effects of Moroccan Hash:


A feeling of well-being or happiness.

Enhanced emotional experiences.

Vivid sensual experiences including vision, hearing, and taste.

The sense that time moves more slowly.

A feeling of passiveness.

Increased sociability.

A reduction in fear and behavioural inhibitions.


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