OG Skunk



OG Skunk Strain

OG Skunk Medical Marijuana

By crossing OG #18 and Skunk #1 they’ve given us the kin to two fan favorites that have extremely in-demand characteristics. Luckily, the OG Skunk doesn’t disappoint.

With an above average range of 21% THC, this is a strong, albeit happy. A high that will have you buzzing around town with just a couple of hits. These nugs come out an eye-catching forest green punctuated by amber hairs. And also a thick layer of sticky white trichomes and syrupy resin. Users can indulge in the sweet citrus flavors and skunky sweet and lemon aromas. Thus, enjoying how the smoke sweetens over time.

Many describe this high as a motivated and upbeat experience. If you have a to-do list that has been getting left undone, now is a good time to get through it. Grab a grape or berry flavored blunt wrap and work away with this body buzzing strain.

For medicinal users, this strain is a great way to get through bouts of depression or stress as it is a full mind-cleansing bud. Enjoy as your heavy thoughts melt away and your desire to be positive and productive take its place. OG Skunk will give you the boost you need in a number of ways. Additionally, this strain is great for pain relief and those with a lack of appetite. Newer users should be aware that using this bud in excess can cause anxiety and should proceed with caution.


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