Silver Haze Vape Oil Cartridges



Silver Haze Vape Oil

Silver Haze Vape Oil. It was the first seed strain to deliver the full-strength Haze experience in a fatter, faster, more compact form. Crossing Haze Cartridges with a non-dominant indica Northern Lights. The Silver Haze maintains strong buy clear head sativa effects.

Naturals Super Silver Haze CO2 Cartridge therefore contains 75.31% THC. Available in 0.5g and 1g. Our natural process in which we use terpenes found naturally in the flower, the flavor and draw is smooth and tasty.

Also best for Stress, depression as well as appetite.

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Vaping delivers your  cannabinoids cleanly. It heats up your herb to the point vapors are pulled from your flower without having any combustion. Combusted smoke has over 111 compounds including a wide range of toxins that can be avoided by vaping.

Less harmful side effects

“The final pulmonal uptake of the ingredients is comparable to the smoking of dry herbs while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking.”

Reduces the lingering smell of dry herbs

With a vaporizer it will be easier to go unnoticed when consuming your dry herbs. Smell is less and dissipates fast.


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