Spliffin Vape Cartridges




Spliffin Vape Cartridges

Spliffin Vape Cartridges are exceptionally high-quality cannabis concentrate cartridges.  So can fit with any 510 Thread battery,  making them perfect for everyday, subtle usage. If you’ve experienced other cartridges, but haven’t experienced Spliffin Vapes yet, then you’re in for a good experience. Also these 70%+ THC concentrates pack both taste and potency. This combination is what makes these vapes so popular.

This natural terpene flavor is probably the most important part of Spliffin Vapes Pure product.

These strains include a number of Spliffin’s own strains, such as Spliffin OG, as well as some of the classics. All strains are available in  1g cartridges, which is approximately 140 puffs.

Benefits of Vaping Spliffin Vape Cartridges

Calming and reducing irritation of the throat: Certain essential oils act as an anti-inflammatory and sooth irritation inside the throat caused by illness or traditional smoking.

Help manage anxiety: Some essential oils reduce anxiety in similar ways as simply inhaling the scent of them does.

Help manage fatigue: Some oils can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep while others act as an energizer, both helping and manage extreme fatigue.

Reduce the risk of respiratory infection: Essential oils can also have anti-bacterial properties, and inhaling them acts to reduce the risk of infection inside of the respiratory system.

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Dante's Fire, Donna OG, Jack Herer, Spliffin OG, Super Lemon Haze, Tangie




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