Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman Strain

Wonder Woman

A potent blend of mostly Sativa genetics, this strain began with the often picked White Widow chosen as the mother. The father is the product of crossing a landrace Thai, Haze and Skunk #1 hybrid mother with one of his own pure Skunk #1 males. From this conglomeration comes a strain that produces a strong cerebral high that elevates moods. It is a strain often recommended for anxiety, depression and stress relief.

The man behind Cultivator’s Choice and Sacred Seeds – Sam the Skunkman – created a strain by the name of Wonder Woman.

However, this strain can be grown inside or in a greenhouse but it has trouble with the great outdoors.

There is also another strain, released by Nirvana Seeds, that claims the name of this strain. However, Nirvana has not released the genetics behind their this medical bud but some believe it to be descended from Ice. Nirvana’s Wonder Woman is an Indica dominant strain that produces a wide range of effects. These seeds are good for indoor or outdoor use and also require nine to 11 weeks to flower. Capable of yielding up to 600 grams per square meter, it does well in a Sea of Green.


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